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90% of office coffee mugs are coated in germs (research by Charles Gerba)

BBC: Starbucks bans reusable cups to help tackle spread during corona virus

Coronavirus: How Wetherspoon staff will hand customers their pint

Pubs, restaurants and coffee shops reopening after lockdown face increased consumer concerns over food safety and hygiene

Time Magazine: UV could prevent the flu virus from spreading in public spaces

Bacteria on Can Lids (46,39% were in the dangerous unsanitary category)

USA Today: Most coffee makers are crawling with germs and growing mold (Gerba: "coffee break rooms have more bacteria than restrooms in most office buildings")

USA Today: What happens when water bottles go unwashed? (Gerba: "Your hands may pick up viruses from touching various surfaces, which then get transferred to the bottle and eventually to your mouth")

How coronavirus spreads at dinner table (video; Japanese research with supercomputer)

ratio: robotic cafe & lounge (venture by Alibaba)

Robotic chefs & robot barista (South Korea) & other robotic solutions to poor beer

Beerjet automated beer dispenser

How COVID-19 will change the restaurant industry

Hepatitis A spread through drinking glasses pub

In Dutch:

RIVM: "Blootstelling aan SARS-CoV-2 door het drinken uit een gespoeld glas gebruikt door een met SARS-CoV-2 geïnfecteerd persoon is een reële mogelijkheid."

Veilig uit eten dankzij oniline tool (video)

Horeca-tycoons investeren in UV

In French:

Les repas coupables?

COVID-19: Enquête autour d'un premier cluster pause-café                                                          transmission manu portée autour de la machine à café?

Réseau des Observateurs de l'Hygiène des mains #ROHM