COBstr develops sustainable and innovative LED technology and solutions by eliminating the packages of LED chips. This is essential because packages are vulnerable to humidity and vibrations.

COB technology can be leveraged in UVC applications and LED screens.

1) Ultraviolet LEDs are effective in eliminating coronavirus from surfaces and, potentially, air and water. For such ultraviolet germicidal irradiation purposes, it is crucial UVC chips perform optimally under any circumstances. One single faulty package can have a negative impact on the rate of disinfection. Moisture in SMD packages can vaporize and expand during refllow soldering. This moisture can damage the optical characterisitcs of the UVC LEDs during encapsulation. COB eliminates this risk.

2) LED screens. A faulty package in a LED display results in a dead pixel.

COB is the most reliable and robust LED technology on the market. Using COB technology also means committing to a more sustainable world. With COB, polluting factories that manufacture LED packages become redundant and better products can be made with less material.